Architectural nature

Photographic series for Tyde magazine - Architectural nature. 

Carlos Lozano's retreat into travelling and photography results in uniquely composed landscapes and carefully selected architectural snapshots. The product designer and photographer's wanderlust resulted in the abandonment of his unsatisfactory office job in search of himself, expressing his findings through photography.

His peculiar choice of portrait oriented landscape photographs form and idiosyncratic aesthetic. Going against the norm, he disrupts our visual periphery to convey the world in a new perspective. The recurring layers of landforms that extend beyond the horizon lure the viewer deep into the scape. Lozano does this with intent, capturing unreal, uncommon landscapes and although the may appear otherworldly; he is in fact drawing the viewers' attention to the beauty of our planet. Approaching photography with a minimalistic yet expressive vision, he portrays his experience and emotions through neutral colours as opposed to overly saturated, artificial shades, emphasising the connection with nature.

His architectural images are consistent in their geometrical compositions, featuring strong diagonals and intersections, while in comparison the landscapes are formulated by layers, textures and contrasting light. Nature and the human imprint we have made on the land through architecture are paralleled harmoniously, producing aesthetically intriguing imagery,